Biden to voters: You "don't deserve" to know my position on court-packing

Biden to voters: You "don't deserve" to know my position on court-packing

It’s not quite the equivalent of the apocryphal “Uncle Don” moment, but Joe Biden’s dismissal of voters might be as close as it gets. A reporter in Nevada pressed Biden over his refusal to give an answer as to whether he supports calls by fellow Democrats to add seats to the Supreme Court in retaliation for the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. “Don’t the voters deserve to know?” the reporter asked.

“No, they don’t deserve to know,” Biden responded, losing his cool to the point where he began wagging his finger at the reporter (via Twitchy):

We “don’t deserve” to know Biden’s position on an issue his own party is pushing? Spoken like a true establishmentarian. Right now, Team Biden must be taking a record amount of Excedrin, and Team Trump doing a record amount of video editing to package that moment into a last-weeks ad blitz.

No matter how many times Biden fidgets with his face mask in this video (like Pelosi, he’s violating protocols by touching the outside of it), his campaign mask clearly slipped off here. It’s not the first time that Biden has gotten provoked by questions into letting loose his inner elitist, but it’s surprising that it’s taken this long into the general election for it to happen. When challenged in his career, Biden has at times threatened to start a fistfight or demand an IQ-test comparison. His anger management issues had Democrats worried before the first debate, and apparently intrigued Donald Trump enough to goad Biden by bringing up Biden’s lies about his educational record in that debate. Biden didn’t take the bait, but don’t be surprised if Trump doesn’t try again after this.

Maybe Biden just wasn’t prepared, or perhaps he’s just too used to getting media softballs pitched at him to have his shields raised. Whatever the reason, Biden loses that discipline and tells the reporter what he really thinks about the voters and what they “deserve.” This might not be quite as dramatic as the climactic scene in A Face in the Crowd, which was based on the “Uncle Don” urban legend, but it’s just as clear as to the underlying character of the person involved.

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