Great moments in American journalism: 60 Minutes finally interviews Tara Reade about Biden sexual assault allegation -- but ...

Four years ago — and ever since — American media spent hours and hours delving into Donald Trump’s lack of sexual ethics and claims that he sexually harassed women. When it comes to Tara Reade, however, American media seem entirely disinterested in Joe Biden’s behavior and an allegation of outright sexual assault — an accusation that has contemporaneous indirect corroboration. Reade finally got a major media outlet to cover her own #MeToo story … but she had to go to the other side of the globe to tell it.

Amusingly, even 60 Minutes Australia frames this with Trump’s character issues, and not just at the beginning. Still, at least they do cover Reade’s accusations for most of the segment. “It’s an allegation that has received little attention,” the Australian broadcaster noted about Reade’s claim. It hasn’t received any attention in the US media since Biden won the nomination:

Be sure to watch this all the way through, or at least to watch Anthony Scaramucci’s rather insightful analysis of the problem. People gave Donald Trump a pass four years ago for his lack of sexual ethics because Trump never pretended to be a paragon of virtue in that sense, Scaramucci says, unlike other politicians and their hypocritical “sanctimony.” Biden qualifies for the latter category, especially with his pretenses of female empowerment while serially creeping over women in front of cameras. The problem for voters, Scaramucci points out, is that the two men largely cancel each other out on sexual scandals. Both sides can legitimately point fingers at the other for these issues, but in the end they will have to rely on other factors to make their decision.

Is that a good reason for American media outlets to ignore Tara Reade? Not really, no, especially since the media had spent the previous two-plus years insisting that we had to accept allegations as fact in the era of #MeToo. It’s not just the governing class that has issues with sanctimony and hypocrisy, which is why Reade had to go halfway around the world to get a fair shot at telling her story.

And let’s not forget that Reade’s allegation isn’t the only one being ignored by the media, either.