MAGA at the CHAZ? First the walls go up -- and then the forced deportations

Has anyone else noticed a curious connection between the radicals at the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone and Donald Trump’s policies? After declaring the six-block zone in Seattle separate from the US, the first thing they did was erect walls at the border to prevent “illegal immigration” into the enclave. Late yesterday, as Townhall’s Julio Rosas reported, the CHAZ mob went one better — they began forced deportations.

Apparently they don’t think much of birthright citizenship either. If we could just get them to embrace free markets, these guys might be full-on MAGA at some point. Oh, as you might imagine, the language in this clip is NSFW:

Say, shouldn’t these progressives have offered him sanctuary while his application to dismiss deportation proceedings were still pending? Offered him a work permit? Celebrated his humanity a bit?

All tongue-in-cheekery aside, this is a scary reveal into who and what CHAZ represents. It’s not human rights, it’s not “true democracy,” and it’s not even really anarchy except as a means to an end. The end is a dictatorship based on violence. This young man got deported; the next person to cross CHAZ might not be so fortunate. How long before the People’s Tribunals start forming, along with forced confessions and penance before the proletariat?

The crime in this case apparently was a combination of opposing abortion and using a cellphone to document the processes of “policing” in the CHAZ. The irony of the latter as a reaction to the homicide of George Floyd can’t be expressed strongly enough. The reason why we know about how Floyd died is because we live in a free country where everyone can whip out their cell phone and document the actions of police. The only place in the country where that’s not possible any longer is in CHAZ, which speaks volumes about the nature of this authoritarian commune.

At about the same time that CHAZ started forced deportations, Mayor Jenny Durkan declared it nothing more than a tailgate party, contradicting Donald Trump’s characterization as an anarchist “insurrection”:

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) replied that Durkan needed to “take her meds” and wake up. That’s not the most colorful response Kennedy had, however:

“I don’t mean disrespect, but the mayor needs to take her meds. She cannot maintain order in Seattle without her law enforcement officials. She just can’t,” Kennedy said, earlier stating that he believes she’s wrongly withholding police to stop the demonstrators from maintaining control of the land.

We now see CHAZ forcibly ejecting people from their homes and businesses — violations of the civil rights of these Americans in America, no matter what CHAZ says about its “autonomy.” Where are Jenny Durkan and Jay Inslee in this crisis? When will the city of Seattle and the state of Washington start acting to protect the civil rights of these Americans? Or will the federal government have to act instead?