Biden: You'd better believe the military will have to force Trump out of the White House, or something

Biden: You'd better believe the military will have to force Trump out of the White House, or something

What is Joe Biden’s greatest concern in 2020 — the COVID-19 pandemic that’s kept him locked in his basement? Economic disaster from the shutdown? China? (That’s too much to ask, I know…) Anything to do with the issues that impact voters’ lives?

Not really, no. Joe Biden’s greatest concern in 2020 is that Donald Trump will act like … [checks notes] … Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams. Trump refusing to accept the results of the upcoming election is “my single greatest concern,” Biden told The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah. However, Biden promises that Trump’s perp walk by the military will make it all worth it, or something:

“This president is going to try to steal this election,” Biden said in an interview on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.” The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said of ensuring that the voting process is fair: “It’s my greatest concern. My single greatest concern.”

Biden was also asked whether he has considered what would happen if he wins but Trump refuses to leave office.

“Yes, I have,” he said quickly.

The interview appeared to be edited at that point, but Biden resumed by speaking about the number of high-ranking former military officers who spoke out over the past week about Trump’s response to the protests.

“I’m promise you, I’m absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch,” Biden said.

Not accepting the results of an election, you say? Isn’t Stacey Abrams still on Joe Biden’s running-mate short list? Actually, maybe not:

Jim Geraghty thinks that Team Biden might have lost interest after Abrams’ superhero-coverage stunt at the Washington Post. The truth might be more direct, given Biden’s continued flogging of nutcase conspiracy theories about Trump. Two months ago, Biden was insisting that Trump would postpone or cancel the election, even though Trump has no authority to do either. For a national media obsessed with fact-checking, Jonathan Turley noted at the time, journalists seemed oddly uninterested in challenging Biden on this point.

At least from this edit of the segment, it doesn’t look as though Noah was particularly interested in pushing back against Biden, either. What evidence does Biden have that Trump won’t respect the outcome of an election? Because we have plenty of evidence from Democrats since 2016 of that very sin. Hillary Clinton has spent the last three-plus years claiming she was robbed by an ever-shifting series of mechanisms. Had she been an incumbent president in January 2017, that evidence suggests more strongly than with Trump that the military would have been needed to oust her from the Oval Office. The Democrats’ pursuit of the nonsensical Russia-collusion theory without any evidentiary basis whatsoever also provides a lot more evidence of their propensity for delegitimizing election results, too.

As for Abrams, delegitimizing an election result provides her only national platform. If Biden plans to flog this paranoid-conspiracy theory any further, having the Queen of Delegitimization as a running mate might be soooo hypocritical that even the mainstream media might have to take notice of it. As it is, Biden’s footsie with Abrams shows enough hypocrisy that the lack of a challenge from Noah and other journalists speaks very loudly on bias.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on March 31, 2023