Cuomo to Cuomo: "The answer's no" on a presidential run

Not too long ago, Chris and Andrew Cuomo charmed an anxious nation with a display of brotherly rivalry over whom Mom likes best. Last night’s interview between the two sounded more like a hostile deposition. When Chris repeatedly asked about a potential presidential run, the governor of New York barked back a series of one-syllable answers — “No.”

And Andrew didn’t look too happy about the line of questioning, either:

CHRIS CUOMO: With all of this adulation that you’re getting for doing your job, are you thinking about running for President? Tell the audience.

A. CUOMO: No. No.

C. CUOMO: No, you won’t answer?

A. CUOMO: No. I answered. The answer is “No.” I answered the question.

C. CUOMO: No, you’re not thinking about it?

A. CUOMO: Sometimes, it’s one word. I said “No.” No.

C. CUOMO: Have you thought about it?


C. CUOMO: Are you open to thinking about it?


C. CUOMO: Might you think about it at some point?


C. CUOMO: How can you know what you might think about at some point right now?

A. CUOMO: Because I know what I might think about, and what I won’t think about. But you’re a great interviewer by the way.

C. CUOMO: Appreciate it. Learned from the best.

The elder Cuomo refuses to take the bait offered by the younger on Trump’s intent in talking about a Cuomo presidential run. When Chris frames it as Trump’s attempt to use Andrew to denigrate Joe Biden, the governor says, “Again, that’s your interpretation of what you think the president was saying.” Andrew then goes on to offer praise for Biden as an “extraordinary” leader with “a good heart,” but stops short of even endorsing Biden for the nomination.

“Well, we’ll see,” Andrew replies when Chris calls Biden “the real deal.” “He’s got to get through his primary. There’s a long race to go.” That makes it sound as though Andrew’s not entirely sold on Biden as a party nominee, the very same impulse that had people thinking they could draft Andrew Cuomo to replace him.

This denial is clearly categorical, but it doesn’t mean much in the larger scheme of things. If Biden stumbles down the stretch, the party won’t turn to Bernie Sanders for a rescue. They will look for someone who has the national standing needed to challenge Trump. If the DNC comes to Cuomo at the convention to plead with him to accept the nomination, does anyone really think Cuomo will turn them down? No. No. No. No. No.

Chris might be a great interviewer, but as far as Andrew goes, the Zombies did it better.