VIP Gold briefing: Post-hearing analysis and Q&A for members

The whirlwind impeachment process has certainly left a lot of heads spinning, right up to Nancy Pelosi’s claim this morning that “the facts are uncontested” and that House Democrats have taken “a somber approach” to Donald Trump. Do you have any questions about what the next steps will be? Want to share your thoughts with me and other VIP Gold members across the Townhall Media Group?

Get ready, then, for today’s Hot Air VIP Gold briefing! I’ll go live at 1 pm ET to answer your questions and hear your analysis of what’s going on with impeachment. This is your briefing, so I’ll be happy to hear your feedback and your arguments on any topic on your mind (except whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie, because I have to draw the line someplace).

We can discuss:

  • Will House rules govern a Senate trial?
  • Which charges will articles of impeachment likely include?
  • Can Pelosi get the votes to impeach?
  • Who will sign Colin Kaepernick in the off-season?

To join the live video chat, click here and use the promo code EDVIPGOLD.

Seriously — if you’d like to discuss anything (except Die Hard), be sure to join us at 1 pm ET for this midday briefing.  Just keep your eye on this post, which will get bumped to the top when the show is about to go on the air.