Hillary Clinton ... performance artist? Update: Doubles down

Hillary Clinton ... performance artist? Update: Doubles down

Someone’s really going to need to explain what Hillary Clinton thought she was accomplishing with this photo op. The woman who lost her eminently winnable 2016 presidential election traveled all the way to Venice, Italy to sit behind a replica of the Oval Office desk for an hour … and leaf through printouts of e-mails from the secret server that almost resulted in her prosecution.

It’s moves like this that are making political satire obsolete (via Twitchy):

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spent nearly an hour leafing through some of her emails on display at an art exhibit in Italy.

In photos surfacing online, the former Democratic presidential nominee could be seen looking through stacks of some of her past emails, which came under scrutiny during the presidential campaign in 2016.

More than 60,000 pages of emails were printed out and assembled in large stacks on a mock presidential resolute desk for the exhibit, which was held at the Venetian Teatro Italia in Venice. The exhibit, titled “HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails,” was created by artist Kenneth Goldsmith.

Francesco Urbano Ragazzi, who curated the show, said in a statement that Clinton visited the former movie theater for the exhibit Tuesday. Urbano Ragazzi said that Clinton sat down the exact replica of the resolute desk in the Oval Office, where she spent roughly an hour looking through her emails.

Well … the e-mails she and her legal team didn’t delete, that is. Let’s not forget that the FBI and the State Department only got about half of the e-mails that went through the server, thanks to Clinton’s own “curation.” Clinton apparently wanted to amplify the artist’s message that the e-mails were “boring,” as she reportedly put it, but her culling of the e-mails made sure of that.

Presumably, the printouts didn’t contain the e-mails with classified information that the FBI found, too. That might have made them a little less “boring.”

However, the photo op itself is finger-kiss perfect … if Clinton and her team want to remind everyone just how obsessed she is with the Oval Office. She traveled halfway around the world to sit behind a replica of the Resolute Desk and read her own e-mails, or some of them, anyway. Then she sat for pictures behind the desk, mimicking a presidential pose, knowing they would go global. Look what you’re missing is what the effort screams out, when what it really reveals is Hillary’s self-absorption.

The Daily Wire asks an easily answered question:

Denial, my friends, denial. And maybe bargaining, because at this point it’s tough to believe that Hillary Clinton won’t give one more try at running for president — not if she travels halfway around the world to indulge in this performance art. It’s worse than Jan Brady at the coffee shop. Bummer!

Update: Good lord. Just when you thought this couldn’t possibly look any more desperate …

Via Adam Baldwin.

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