Ocasio-Cortez: Pass the Green New Deal or we'll have "blood on our hands"

To paraphrase an old saying: When all you have is a Green New Deal hammer, every problem looks like a global-warming nail. Or a “far-right” nail. Or both! Oddly enough, this wasn’t even the nuttiest emission from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez yesterday:

Coincidentally, Ocasio-Cortez just happened to spend the day talking about her Green New Deal. In a House Oversight Committee hearing, the freshman representative warned that we would soon have “blood on our hands” if we didn’t heed her warning:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blamed the migrant crisis on climate change Tuesday night, just hours after suggesting that the US would “have blood on our hands” if climate legislation — like her Green New Deal — doesn’t get passed. …

Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) had been campaigning for her Green New Deal on Capitol Hill earlier in the day Tuesday and pushing for ways to combat climate change.

“I think what we have laid out here is a very clear moral problem,” she told House Oversight Committee members. “If we fail to act or if we delay in acting, we will have blood on our hands.”

Blood on our hands? Well, if that’s the case, maybe we should close our borders! After all, we don’t want even more blood on our hands.

AOC’s critics will no doubt spend plenty of time attempting to rebut her argument about the root causes of migration. They shouldn’t bother; the claim about global warming is unfalsifiable and therefore infinitely elastic. One can point out that migration gets triggered by poverty, and the answer will be that global warming creates poverty, even though poverty has been endemic in these regions for centuries. Chalk it up to violence, and AOC’s answer will be that global warming causes violence. Bad government and corruption? Global warming will be at the heart of that, too. It’s the Moriarty of all misery.

Of course, the ultimate irony is that the authoritarianism required to impose the Green New Deal and its inevitable economic devastation will create and exacerbate all of those same issues here in the US. At least that would solve the migrant crisis, though. If we make the US as miserable, dangerous, and oppressive as Central America, who’d want to come here?