Zakaria to Dems: Please stop embracing Ocasio-Cortez' "casual attitude toward facts" -- and her socialism

Ignore the easy cheap shot at Republicans at the end and featured in the tweet below. That was merely Fareed Zakaria’s passport to ripping into ignorant Democratic demagogues and their disregard for facts and logic on the way to demanding a new socialist paradise in America. And can you guess who Zakaria pegs as the poster child for his plea for moderate Democrats to please pretty please take the wheel?

Of course you can. She’s “the Boss,” after all:

Zakaria nearly laughs out loud describing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ argument against the Amazon deal. “But as Mayor Bill de Blasio explained …” he says with a chuckle in leading to de Blasio’s explanation that the money Ocasio-Cortez claimed was being given away didn’t exist without the deal.

Interestingly, though, Zakaria then takes aim at Medicare for All as another pie-in-the-sky plan from Democrats leaning forward on socialism. He points out that the costs would nearly double our current annual budgets without any realistic method of raising money to fund it. That’s cutting farther into Democrats’ rhetoric than just the Ocasio-Cortez contingent; it’s a key agenda item on most of the declared candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, and under consideration by the rest. (Zakaria never gets to the Green New Deal, presumably because CNN didn’t have an extra ten minutes of air time for his segment.) Instead he urges Democrats to focus on the practical and pragmatic in their 2020 agendas, although he does note that “this is less stirring stuff than burning the billionaires.”

Will Zakaria’s plea for Democrats to deal in reality have an impact? Perhaps the light is dawning elsewhere anyway. Here’s Kamala Harris insisting that she’s not a socialist, and says that Republicans are “engag[ing] in name-calling” by using the term. That argument might have worked if Democrats hadn’t embraced the 2016 agenda of Bernie Sanders in 2020 — the same Bernie Sanders who describes himself as a “Socialist.”