Breaking: "Suspicious device" found at Clinton home; Update: Obama too? Update: Secret Service confirms "potential explosive devices"; Politico: Devices "functional"; ABC: "Workable"; White House: We'll find the "despicable ... cowards"; Update: CNN evacuates NYC offices: Update: Secret Service says no WH package; Update: Wasserman Schultz too

NBC reports this as a “suspicious device,” but the AP calls it a bomb:

The New York Times calls it an “explosive device,” and reminds readers of the device found by an employee of George Soros at his home:

An explosive device was found on Wednesday morning by a technician who screens mail for Bill and Hillary Clinton, who live in a suburb of New York City, a law enforcement official said.

The official said the device was similar to one found at the home of billionaire philanthropist George Soros on Monday.

It was not immediately clear where the device was found.

If the same person or people are behind both, then the FBI and Secret Service have their work cut out for them. In the meantime, we can be thankful that no one was hurt in either incident — and hope that they catch the evil idiots behind both ASAP.

We’ll have more as this develops.

Update: CBS gets confirmation from local law enforcement:

Update: Hmmm. ABC News hears it wasn’t an explosive device after all, and that it wasn’t actually at the Clinton house:

Preliminary investigations suggest the package was not an explosive device and that it was found near, not on, the Clintons’ property in the Westchester County town of Chappaqua.

Investigators are trying to determine if the package was a hoax, or if concern about it was the result of nervousness.

That would be good news … except for the bad reporting.

Update: NBC now reports “near” too:

Police in New Castle, New York, said they are investigating a suspicious package found early Wednesday morning near the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Sgt. Jeffrey Merritt told NBC News officers are working with the Secret Service and the FBI, but declined to release further details.

If the investigation is from an abundance of caution, well … good. That’s exactly what we’d expect. But reporting it as a “bomb” and at the Clinton home would be a huge error.

Update: The US Secret Service says Barack Obama got a suspicious package sent to him as well:

Perhaps “near” meant “at their mail screening facility”? That would make some sense.

Update: Here’s the statement from the US Secret Service. Note the phrase “potential explosive devices”:

The USSS and JTTF are not going to get hysterical over silly packages. Something made them suspicious, and after what happened to Soros, they’re going to be watching all their protectees very carefully. As they should.

Update: Politico’s source says the devices were indeed for real:

A U.S. official says a “functional explosive device” was found at Hillary and Bill Clinton’s suburban New York home.

The official says investigators believe the explosive is linked to one found Monday at the compound of liberal billionaire George Soros.

That makes some sense. It would be a very big coincidence if the Soros bomb scare wasn’t related to these two incidents. The difference is that the Secret Service screens all of the mail for former presidents.

Update: ABC updates its report to call the Clinton-addressed device “workable”:

A potentially workable explosive device that was addressed to the Clintons’ home in Chappaqua, New York, was found early Wednesday, a senior law enforcement official said. It is similar in construction to an explosive device found earlier this week in the home mailbox of billionaire George Soros in a nearby community.

Update: The White House issued a statement calling the threats “despicable” and the people behind them “cowards”:

I’m also seeing Twitter chatter than CNN is reporting that the White House received a suspicious package too, but CNN doesn’t have anything on their own feed about it.

Update: This isn’t over yet, apparently:

Update: CNN is reporting live from the scene of its NYC offices:

Update: Here was the CNN report on the package addressed to the White House, which got overshadowed almost immediately by their need to evacuate in NYC:

Update: Fox’s John Roberts says that CNN report is “incorrect”:

We’ll have to wait for all these reports to get sorted out. In the meantime, I’ve removed the reference from the headline.

Update: The Secret Service confirms Roberts’ report:

Update: The perp didn’t do well at media research:

But he/she/they cast a pretty wide net:

Talk about holding a grudge; Wasserman Schultz hasn’t been DNC chair for nearly two years.

Update: This might explain why Wasserman Schultz was included — the bomber used her address as the return address on the packages. That was also true with the Soros bomb:

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence condemned the attacks as “cowardly and despicable,” and Trump added his endorsement to the statement:

Update: Eric Holder got a package, too: