Nutcase attacks TV station -- blamethrowing at 11!

And the world awaits with bated breath to find out whose political enemies get the blame. Early this morning, a ranting man repeatedly crashed a pickup truck into the glass walls of Dallas’ local Fox TV affiliate KDFW, spreading a prodigious amount of papers around and babbling about “high treason.” According to the local Fox reporters, police arrested the man as he demanded to be filmed, but no one’s quite sure what his actual problem was.

Other than the obvious, of course, which is that he’s off his rocker:

A man was arrested Wednesday morning after crashing a truck into the side of the FOX4 building in downtown Dallas.

The man, after repeatedly crashing his vehicle into a side of the building with floor to ceiling windows, got out of his vehicle and began ranting.

FOX4 photojournalists were able to film him placing numerous boxes next to a sidedoor filled with stacks of paper. The papers were also strewn across the sidewalk and street adjacent to the building.

Oddly, no one yet seems to have done the obvious, which is pick up one of the papers and report what’s on it, other than one reference to writing and drawings. The man clearly invested some coin in all that paper, and his emphatic placement of it indicates how important it is to him. His behavior suggests that it might only make sense to him, though.

Perhaps no one’s picking up the paper yet because police still aren’t sure what was in that orange bag the suspect took out of the truck. Fox 4 anchor Hanna Battah reports that the bomb squad was on the way, and police were evacuating a three-block area:

No one wants to stop and read a flier under those circumstances, of course. Witnesses apparently saw the man pulling fliers out of the bag too, but police don’t take chances under these circumstances. Battah also notes that witnesses heard the man talking about “high treason” and conspiracies, but no one “could make out much of what the man was saying or the message he was trying to spread.”

Well, that simply won’t do, Hanna. How can we blame the leftists who attack Fox News without more information? How can leftists attack the alt-right over the man’s racism without evidence? Actually, that won’t be a problem for either side, because most of these blame-political-movements-for-nutcases efforts operate unencumbered by evidence or common sense anyway.

Sigmund Freud supposedly once observed that “a cigar is sometimes just a cigar.” Most times, nutcases are simply nutcases, as likely to act on the basis of voices coming out of their refrigerator as voices coming out of the television or radio. Perhaps we should stick with that interpretation until it’s eliminated by evidence. Meanwhile, we can be thankful that no one got hurt, and that a deranged man is getting the psychiatric attention he clearly needs.