Developing: One in custody in Indiana school shooting; Update: Police say suspect acted alone, two victims; Update: Presser begins; Update: Threat made to high school?

Not many details are known yet, but police have a suspect in custody in yet another school shooting in Indiana. This time the incident took place in a middle school north of Indianapolis. At least one person has been injured, although the nature of the injury and the victim’s identity has not yet been revealed:


Noblesville West Middle School is on lockdown after reports of shots fired.

There are reports of one injury, according a school spokesperson.

The active shooter was in police custody around 9 a.m. this morning.

Noblesville High School is also on lockdown.

ABC News and the AP also reports an active-shooter response continues in the school district, without any mention of injury. Police and fire departments are on scene.

According to the live feed from the local CBS affiliate, one e-mail from a student to his parents confirmed that a shooter was inside the building:

“There was a shooter in the building, luckily we were in one of the saftest closets in the school, I hope that everyone is alright, I’m still shaking, girls are crying, the officers are here and holding the shooter in custody, this has to be a dream, I don’t have my phone, but pick me up in the high school. I love you guys”

They’re also reporting that two people have been transported to a local hospital.

We’ll update as details become available.

Update: Police are telling the media that the suspect acted alone. They will hold a press conference in a couple of hours with more details.


Update: Still no word on the extent of the injuries, but reports are that one of the injured is an adult. We’re about 30 minutes out from the press conference.

Update: One of the injuries was an ankle fracture, the CBS affiliate reports.

Update: Still waiting on the presser as of 11:18 am ET, but the police just gave the all-clear at the school, so it may start soon. There have been discussions that an adult — likely a teacher — tackled the subject and subdued him before he (or she) could do more damage.

Update: Presser starts at 11:22. The PIO says he won’t be offering too many details.

Update: Two victims, one student and one teacher. The suspect is a male student at the school and is in police custody. There has been another threat made to the high school, which may be a hoax, but they’re not taking any chances.

Update: The PIO wasn’t kidding. That’s all they were prepared to discuss, but they plan to have another presser later in the day.

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