Deadpool 2 trailer: Does it live up to the hype, plus-plus?

Deadpool’s back — or will be shortly. The first *official* trailer (teasers have leaked) for the mid-May release of Deadpool 2 has arrived, and so has Dopinder, Vanessa, Weasel, the hip fourth-wall-breaking and self-referential dialogue … and oh yeah, lots of bloody violence and a hard NSFW warning. Among those self-referential quips is one from DP to Dopinder setting expectations for the film to “live up to the hype, plus-plus.” Does the trailer live up to the hype? You bet — but we’ll have to wait two months to see whether the film does.

If nothing else, it lives up to the hype as a palette cleanser, if bullets and F-bombs flying can be described as such. Enjoy.