DNC exec publicly (if momentarily) blasts Hillary for blameshifting her failure

DNC exec publicly (if momentarily) blasts Hillary for blameshifting her failure

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton expanded her list of entities to blame for her loss to the DNC, and … that may prove to be yet another big mistake by the worst candidate in 2016. As John noted in his post last night, Hillary claimed to have “inherit[ed] nothing” as the Democratic nominee, and that she “had to inject money into it — the DNC — to keep it going.” In particular, Hillary ripped the data efforts at the DNC, calling their results “mediocre to poor, non-existent, wrong.”

Andrew Therriault made it clear that he has no intention of serving as Hillary Clinton’s scapegoat — at least for a little while. The former Director of Data Science for the DNC took to Twitter early this morning to castigate the two-time fumbler on presidential elections for her “f****** b***s***” accusations. Sometime later in the morning, Therriault apparently thought better of his attack, but Jay Caruso captured his tweets before they got deleted:

Twitter user Jimmy Princeton noted that Therriault had deleted two earlier messages with more specific rebuttals to Hillary:

The specific rebuttals point out the nonsensical nature of Hillary’s blameshifting, and also touches on a point John made as well. Therriault makes clear that the DNC’s data showed danger for Hillary in the so-called “blue wall” states, including Wisconsin, where Hillary blamed her loss on voter suppression — a claim that fact-checkers have debunked. Hillary didn’t pay attention to their data, never even bothering to make an appearance in Wisconsin, because she stuck with the data analytics coming from her own campaign.

Hillary’s other complaint about the DNC being broke and having no infrastructure is an exaggeration, but there may be some truth to it. Barack Obama gutted the DNC’s organizational infrastructure to build his two presidential campaigns and Organizing for America, and compared to the RNC, they came into the general election trailing in fundraising and cash on hand. However, Hillary vastly outraised and outspent Donald Trump in the general election; for a while, Trump didn’t run any ads at all in an attempt to conserve strength for the final month of the campaign.

Despite an overwhelming money advantage — in large part raised as Therriault says by using the DNC’s higher limits — Hillary still managed to lose a winnable election against a beatable candidate. That’s no one’s fault but Hillary’s; as have we pointed out numerous times over the past three years, she’s a terrible candidate.  She only managed to edge out a socialist crank for the nomination this time because the DNC went fully in the tank for her during the primaries.

Hillary has been trying to shift blame for her loss almost since the moment it happened, but this may be one bridge burned that Hillary will live to regret. Attacking the DNC for her loss will put a damper within the establishment for another attempt at a Clinton Restoration, either with Hillary herself or Chelsea, who has literally nothing but her name going for her. And outside of the Democratic establishment, who else wants to see a Clinton Restoration of any kind?

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