Video: Pence visits DMZ -- and North Korean paparazzi

Vice President Mike Pence traveled to South Korea to highlight a new, assertive, and determined foreign policy from the Trump administration. In one symbolic demonstration of the Trump administration’s tough new approach, Pence decided to go outside his security arrangements to personally review the line between North and South Korea at the DMZ. As Dana Bash reports for CNN, that generated interest from a most unusual class of paparazzi — North Korean troops:

The plan was for the vice president to stay inside the glass enclosed Freedom House at the DMZ and not step outside towards the military demarcation line (MDL), where North Korean soldiers are standing.

However, once there, Pence declared he wanted to go outside — and so he did just that. As the vice president stood and looked on, North Korean soldiers quickly came out on their side of MDL and began taking pictures of Pence.

Military officials here told CNN in advance that snapping photos is what North Korea does when seeing VIPs across the way — both to document their presence and intimidate.

It’s unclear how getting one’s picture taken is supposed to be intimidating, unless the troops have the International Women’s Day Snapchat filter installed. It makes them look a little more starstruck than snooping, especially given the camera gap on either side of the 38th Parallel. Besides, if they’re holding cameras, they can’t hold weapons.

Be sure to stick around long enough to hear the propaganda music being blared out over the countryside. It’s good to hear the 101 Strings Orchestra again after all these years.

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