Former Planned Parenthood managers: We had to meet quotas for abortions

Does pizza make a great motivator to end a pregnancy? The latest video from Live Action features former Planned Parenthood managers discussing the financial pressure put on clinics to maximize the revenue stream from their core business — abortions. The pressure wasn’t just limited to the managers either, but also to the women who came to the clinic:

“I trained my staff the way that I was trained, which was to really encourage women to choose abortion; to have it at Planned Parenthood, because it counts towards our goal.”

“It sounds kind of crazy, but pizza is a motivator [for getting abortion numbers up].”

Most of this sounds like the kind of sales-management tactics one would see from retail entities or real-estate offices. It’s not quite Glengarry Glen Ross, but it doesn’t sound anything like a health-care entity. The focus in health care is on the patient, not the number of units sold. Yet Planned Parenthood insists that its mission is the former, not the latter.

One of the two former managers interviewed makes that distinction plain when discussing how Planned Parenthood trains managers to deliver the hard sell to women in crisis:

“If they’d say, ‘I’m not able to pay [my bill] today,’ then we would say something like, ‘Well, if you can’t pay $10 today, how are you going to take care of a baby? Have you priced diapers? Do you know how much it costs to buy a car seat? Where would you go for help? There’s no place in Storm Lake (or whatever town they were in), you know, where you can get help as a pregnant mom. So really, don’t you think your smartest choice is termination?’

This points out more clearly what Planned Parenthood actually sells — despair. They want women to panic, to despair, in order to profit off of it. This sales pitch takes a woman at her most vulnerable and heaps the weight of the world on her shoulders … simply to meet a sales goal. At least in Glengarry Glen Ross, no one died.

Lila Rose echoes the same point:

“Planned Parenthood doesn’t have quotas for adoptions. It doesn’t have quotas for prenatal care. But quotas for abortions? Absolutely,” said Lila Rose, president and founder of Live Action. “Planned Parenthood makes a profit off women in the midst of their most difficult experiences and incentivizes ​its staff to take the lives of chil​dren in the womb with pizza parties, paid time off, ​and lunch​es with upper management.​ It’s time to redirect our tax money toward local health clinics that actually provide real care to women, instead of to Planned Parenthood, a corporation focused on upping ​its abortion numbers.”

It’s not health care — it’s business. The federal government shouldn’t subsidize it through Title X tax expenditures, but should direct those funds to health-care providers who focus on the patient, not the revenue stream from abortions. Let Planned Parenthood stand on its own two feet, or not at all.