Clinton campaign got interview questions ahead of ... Steve Harvey interview

This is almost a parody of paranoia, right? Free Beacon’s Lachlan Markay reported yesterday that Hillary Clinton’s team prepared for her appearance on a tough, hard-hitting interview show by getting the questions ahead of time. That tough, hard-hitting interviewer was … Steve Harvey?



Fox News picked it up this morning:

The campaign memo reveals that Clinton’s staff worked with Harvey to craft the structure of the interview, and briefed the Democratic presidential nominee ahead of time on the precise wording of Harvey’s questions.

The questions touched on Clinton’s granddaughter, her preference for deep dish or thin crust pizza, her campaign’s “great start,” efforts to bridge America’s racial divide, and her support for gun control policies.

According to the memo, Clinton’s staff saw Harvey’s show as an effective and low-risk way to reach out to female and African American voters. They also noted recent episodes of the show that focused on issues that Clinton had stressed during her campaign.

Clinton’s staff pitched the show on some of those issues, including gun control, and noted that Harvey would not likely force Clinton to go into detail defending her positions.

“Please note that the tone of the show is generally light so even on policy questions, Steve won’t go too deep into details,” the memo noted.

Think about this for a moment. Harvey is a throwback to daytime talk shows of the 70s-90s, where lighter fare, entertainment-heavy guests, and fun were the main goals. It’s not a Phil Donahue-style show, where political and social issues get heavy-handed treatment. Harvey’s a comedian and a game-show host. And Hillary Clinton’s campaign couldn’t even trust that she could handle him without scripting the show? What did she think Harvey was going to do — press her for answers regarding the demolition of Libya into a failed state, or demand answers as to why she refused to use official State Department e-mail? Why should Harvey do that when full-time journalists haven’t bothered?


In case you missed it, here are two clips of the hard-hitting interview itself from February. Good thing Hillary prepared for this, eh?

Wow — that’s some tough stuff, there. I’ve seen campaign rallies with less fawning than Hillary got from Harvey. At least one can make the case that Hillary needed help with Meet the Press back in 2009, but … Steve Harvey? This isn’t as much a scandal as it is a humiliation.

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