Hillary makes $80M TV ad buy in battleground states

Team Hillary has raised a ton of money — and they’re going to spend a lot of it. According to ABC News, they will flood the TV airwaves over the next two months with an $80 million buy in eight battleground states. On top of that, they have grabbed up $15 million in radio advertising as well:

According to an aide, the campaign has reserved $80 million worth of TV ad space in battleground states to take them through the fall campaign.

The buy – which includes $3 million in additional ads for the remainder of August and nearly $77 million for September and October – is for Florida, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, North Carolina, as well as the Omaha area of Nebraska.

Team Trump finally announced that they would start going up on the air late last week, after much head-scratching on the Right over their failure to launch after the convention. They bought almost $5 million in the next 10 days, but The Hill’s Mark Hensch reports that Hillary will outspend Trump almost 2:1 during the same period. They have already spent $60 million on ads, putting Team Trump far behind in advertising reach.

Even so, Trump remains competitive in most of these states. That could mean one of three things. Either political advertising isn’t as effective as usual when both candidates are so well known, that advertising isn’t impacting the target audiences comprising Trump’s base of support, or people just are tuning it out at this point. It’s the latter that should worry Republicans, unless Trump and his campaign start reserving lots of air time after Labor Day.

Hillary has a new ad up now called “Just One Wrong Move,” arguing that Trump could fumble us into disaster:

This argument would work great for practically any candidate other than Hillary Clinton. On her watch, she fumbled us into a politically naïve position with Russia with the “reset” button and everything that followed. By her own claims, she set up the deal with Iran that all but cedes hegemony over the Middle East to the mullahs and likely will touch off a nuclear-weapons race in the region. Most egregiously, she and Barack Obama started an illegal war against Moammar Qaddafi and decapitated the Libyan regime with no thought whatsoever as to what would fill the vacuum — leaving a failed state on the Mediterranean that allowed ISIS to create its own quasi-state with easy access to Europe.

Trump might make one wrong move. Hillary’s already made several disastrous moves. That might make for a pretty good TV ad in response, if Team Trump can get itself organized.