Scenes from the floor: Phyllis Schlafly, roll call votes, and more; Update: Interview with NC delegate

Earlier in the evening, I spent a little time walking around on the convention floor during the floor vote for the nomination. By now, of course, everyone knows that Donald Trump and Mike Pence have officially won the nomination for the presidential ticket, and the issue was hardly in doubt when I got down to the floor. However, it was fun to be on the floor and get the perspective of the delegates. I managed to get close to a couple of state delegation leaders as they announced their results, including for North Carolina, one of the states featured in my book Going Red. In fact, if you look at the video, you’ll see one of the people in the book, Zan Bunn, who saw me with the camera and waved.

I caught a glimpse of Phyllis Schlafly in the Missouri delegation, shortly after the delegation leader mentioned her in his announcement:

I’ll be heading down to the floor one or two more times tonight. The passes are timed, so one has to pick their access carefully. If I get down there and find any good opportunities to report from the floor, readers can see it as it happens through Facebook Live on the Hot Air Facebook page.

Update: Speaking of Zan Bunn, I caught up with her later on the floor. She spoke to me about what her experience as a delegate has been like, and what’s been happening in Wake County since the book has come out: