Winners and losers: Live election recap of WV, NE primaries

Will Ted Cruz step back into the race with a win in Nebraska? Will West Virginia coal country feel the Bern? Find out at 9:30 pm ET tonight on our Hot Air/Townhall live Primary Night coverage on the Hot Air Facebook page! Katie Pavlich and Ed Morrissey will provide analysis and breaking news tonight as the primaries roll toward their conclusion.

The polls in West Virginia will close at 7:30 ET, so we will have lots of data to cover as soon as we’re on the air. Donald Trump expected to clean up even before Cruz and John Kasich suspended their campaigns, but the real drama will be in the Democratic contest. Will Hillary’s comments about coal country result in an embarrassing loss, or will Bernie Sanders not be able to close the deal in West Virginia?

The scene then shifts to Nebraska, where Republicans will hold their primary (Democrats held theirs in early March). Before Cruz’ apparent withdrawal from the race, most expected him to do well in this Midwestern state. Voters there might be confused to hear that Cruz will come back into the race if they deliver a win for him there, especially since they didn’t think he was competing at all for their support any longer. Polls close at 9 ET, and we’ll catch up to the results and offer up the winners and losers of tonight’s races. Be sure to join us!

Update: We had an audio misdirect for the first couple of minutes and Katie’s mic did not come through to viewers, but we did get it corrected … eventually. Hope you enjoy. For the record, Katie’s winners were the same as mine — Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. We also agreed that tonight’s big loser was Hillary Clinton, but I added in Ted Cruz. Watch to the end for the explanation why!

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