Hot Air/Townhall live primary coverage: Indiana; Update: Live video embed added

What other day would combine the JFK assassination with Back to the Future Part II and the National Enquirer? This has to be Indiana’s primary election day, or some horrible parallel universe … not unlike Back to the Future Part II, come to think of it. Tonight at 6:30 pm ET, Hot Air and Townhall partner up for election-night coverage on Facebook Live, with Katie Pavlich and yours truly the co-hosts. With Ted Cruz and Donald Trump holding nothing back, we’re going to let it rip, too!

The polls close at 6 pm in Indiana … no matter which time zone you’re in. That’s right — Indiana is split between ET and CT, and even has a few ET communities that don’t use Daylight Saving Time. Since we believe that Indiana may release ET results even while the western part of the state still has polling open, we will begin our live-stream coverage at 5:55 ET, and plan to go 90 minutes. We’ll tackle the data from the exit polls, discuss the late-breaking stories, and provide the precinct reports through our own Townhall Election Center. You can watch either on our Hot Air Facebook page, or on the Ustream portal for The Ed Morrissey Show page. See you there!

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Jazz Shaw 7:31 PM on October 02, 2022