Hillary wonders: Why is a State Department employee using personal e-mail?

Denial, hubris, or just plain dumb? John Dickerson reports, you decide, but at the very least it’s a stunning example of utter hypocrisy. A newly released e-mail from Hillary Clinton’s secret e-mail system shows the Secretary of State wondering why anyone in her organization would be communicating via private e-mail.


Come on, man:


“I was surprised he used personal email account if he is at State,” replied the woman over her personal, secret, and unsecured personal e-mail system. Alternate response: How dare our employees follow my example?

This does raise an interesting point, even beyond the royal hubris of this message. It shows pretty clearly that the use of personal e-mail was unusual enough that even Hillary herself commented on it. That would debunk her oft-repeated claim that using personal e-mail was both allowed and unremarkable. If that was the case, then why is Hillary remarking on it here over a private e-mail system?

Note too that the e-mail is marked classified. This comes from a new tranche of 2,900 e-mails released overnight by the State Department. Forty-five of these messages contained classified information, including one classified as Secret:

State Department officials released roughly 2,900 pages of Hillary Clinton’s private emails early Friday morning, several hours past their target of late Thursday evening.

State first set a broad target of somewhere between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. Thursday. But as the night wore on, that shifted to a 2 a.m. estimate. They were finally released right around 1 a.m.

The late release was on top of State’s failure to release all the emails by New Year’s Eve. Instead of releasing everything on Dec. 31, State said it needed another few days to finish the group of Clinton messages.

The new batch of records contains 45 classified messages, including one that was upgraded to “secret,” a higher level of classification. Last week, the agency published a batch of emails that contained 275 classified records, raising further questions about Clinton’s prior remarks that none of her emails included classified information — she has said none were classified at the time the emails were sent.


That brings us up to a total of 1,044 e-mails containing classified information, many of which were copied or addressed to Hillary herself. This is one of the reasons we’re all “surprised” that Hillary used a personal e-mail account, too.

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