Great moments in public education: Teacher shows "Naked and Afraid" clips ... to second graders

At least in Florida, they fire teachers for this kind of nonsense. In Los Angeles or New York, the school district would pay to have them binge-watch the reality show in case they get to run a classroom again. This time, a substitute teacher has been “banned” from working in the Collier County public school district for showing a class clips from a reality television show called “Naked and Afraid.”

A second-grade classroom (images may be not safe for work):

Collier County Public Schools has banned a substitute teacher for showing a partially nude reality show to second graders.

Hours after the substitute showed Naked and Afraid in a computer lab class, she was told to go home. The incident is under investigation and the teacher is banned from working at every school in the district. …

At this point in the investigation, no one knows why the substitute teacher played the reality television show for the kids.

That would be an interesting explanation, to be sure. What possible explanation could there be? The district refused to identify the teacher, so we may never get her side of the story, as WINK reporter Christina Lusby hoped to do. Any valid explanation would likely involve stupidity, chemical influence, or both … which may be another reason that the district would prefer to keep the press from finding the teacher. They might have to answer questions about their hiring practices.

It’s stories like these that remind parents of the wisdom of school choice, or perhaps home schooling if parents have the resources. In another edition of the same problem, Denver’s Fox affiliate reports on a local high-school teacher who does tarot readings for her students:

This teacher got suspended. Can’t wait for the explanation on this one, either.