Video: Biden should run, says ... Dick Cheney

Alternate headline: Former Vice President prepares to launch new career in blogging. After ripping Hillary Clinton’s use of a private, unsecured, and unauthorized e-mail server out of her home as “sloppy and unprofessional,” Dick Cheney said there was “a very real possibility” that it should disqualify her for the presidency. Instead, Dick Cheney has a suggestion for the Democrats — Run, Joe, Run:

“I’d love to see Joe get in the race,” Cheney said with a laugh in an interview with CNN. “Well go for it, Joe,” Cheney said when asked why Biden should run.

“He’s tried twice before. He obviously is interested. I think there’s a lot of support for him in the Democratic Party. I think it would stir things up. They’re short of candidates on their side. So I would urge Joe to have a shot at it,” Cheney added.

Cheney also told CNN that Hillary Clinton’s arrogance may be her undoing:

“There was this notion that Hillary sort of had inherited the nomination, that nobody could really challenge for the nomination. I think that’s now pretty well gone by the boards because of her problems … my bet is Joe’s going to run,” Cheney said.

The New York Times dug into this exchange in a little more detail:

“I think it was sloppy and unprofessional, that it reflects a lack of understanding about how easy it is for adversaries to tap into communications,” Mr. Cheney said. “She’s an intelligent woman. She spent a lot of time in the White House. You should not operate in the way she did.”

Mr. Cheney said it was likely that Chinese or Russian hackers had access to Mrs. Clinton’s work emails and that her actions were not in keeping with how classified information should be handled.

Actually, Cheney’s response to that question was a little more of a zinger: “Well, they have my personnel files,” Cheney replied, a reference to the Obama administration’s dreadful handling of cybersecurity and the OPM hack. That one should sting more than just a little. Cheney also offered a significant dig at Democrats with his Biden “endorsement,” noting that they didn’t have too many other options than Cheney’s successor. Republicans would lick their chops at a Biden nomination, and Cheney knows it.

Cheney’s having a lot of fun here, and it’s entertaining to watch his high-level trolling. Hey, maybe he should think about a career in blogging …

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