Video: Live-shooter event at recruiting station in Chattanooga, suspect killed; Update: CBS reports suspect identity

At least two Marines and one police officer got shot today at two military offices, a naval reserve center and an armed forces recruiting center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. CBS News reports that the suspect has been shot and killed, but as of now there is less certainty over the number of victims and their status. The police officer is in surgery with non-life-threatening injuries.

Bloomberg had an initial report on the shooting:

The suspect drove up to both locations in a Mustang, according to CBS News, and used a “high-powered” weapon to fire into both facilities. ABC News reported just a few moments ago that the Pentagon sees no connection to international terrorism … at this time, anyway. NBC also confirms that the shooter has been killed.

ABC News has live video coverage, and a press conference will begin shortly:

ABC US News | World News

We’ll keep an eye out for any developments.

Update: The front page image comes from the Twitter account of Michael Ball:

Note the “no firearms” sign on the door. (h/t: our good friend Chris Fields.)

Update: ABC reports that there were five wounded victims, but they do not have full information on their status or the locations where they were hit.

Update: This is bad news — CBS is reporting that four people are dead besides the shooter:

Update: CNN says three dead besides the shooter:

Update: The AP and CBS re-confirm that four Marines have been killed, plus the shooter.

Update: “We are treating this as an act of domestic terrorism,” the mayor and others emphasize, but they will not immediately release any other information. Don’t read too much into that declaration — this attack fits a description of domestic terrorism even without any specific links to other groups or ideologies. They are also stressing that the threat level will not be raised, which sounds as if they believe this was a lone-wolf shooter.

Update: They’re now walking back the “domestic terrorism” tag:

Update: From CBS News:

Let the speculation begin.

Update (AP): Uh oh.

Update (AP): Looks like that last tweet may have been based on bad information. Apparently it was tweeted awhile after the attack began.

Update (AP): You’ve got to be kidding.

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