Video: Mysterious voice leads to rescue of baby trapped for 14 hours

Did Utah rescuers experience a miracle over the weekend? Three police officers called to the scene of a vehicle upside down in a river all say they heard an adult woman calling for help, prompting them to rush to get the car open. The only person alive, though, was 18-month old Lily Groesbeck, whose mother had died in the crash of the car. All three officers insist that they heard the voice calling out to them, but none of them can explain it (via The Blaze):


A mystery arose from the rescue: The three police officers who entered the water all say they heard a voice calling for help.

The mother was dead, but the officers told CNN affiliate KSL that they heard an adult’s voice calling to them.

“It felt like I could hear someone telling me, ‘I need help,'” DeWitt told KSL. “It was very surreal, something that I felt like I could hear.”

Warner said he heard the same.

“(It) wasn’t just in our heads,” he told KSL. “To me, it was plain as day. I remember hearing a voice that didn’t sound like a child, just saying ‘help me.'”

Tyler Beddoes, the third officer at the scene, said the same.

“Someone said ‘help me’ inside that car,” he said.

There may actually be two miracles in play. The car could not be seen from the road; it was instead discovered accidentally by a fisherman who happened across it, wheels up in the river. The car also landed in a shallow part of the river, which allowed Lily to survive. The police arrived after the fisherman called for an emergency response, KUTV reports, one that may never have come otherwise. After 14 hours in the elements, Lily may not have survived for very much longer.


Beddoes calls it a miracle:

Two days later, the toddler was recovering at a hospital, though authorities still don’t know exactly how she survived hanging upside-down for nearly 14 hours in frigid temperatures with no food or water.

“It’s heartbreaking. Was she crying most the night?” Beddoes said. “It’s a miracle. … She was needed for sure elsewhere.” …

The overturned car was perched on the bank and rocks. As the girl dangled inside, icy water rushed just below her head through broken car windows. The temperatures were near freezing throughout the night and through the morning.

“She must have been just out of the water enough to be getting oxygen,” Beddoes said.

For some, this may look like just a series of coincidences. To those three police officers who heard the voice urging them into action and who saw how precariously Lily had survived, it’s much more than that. Many of us would agree.

As for the baby, she’s improving, and her family has set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for her care. It’s up to $46,000 as of this morning, and her family sent out their thanks. An aunt reports that Lily is “singing Wheels on the Bus with Grandpa.” Our prayers should go out to their family for the loss of Lily’s mother Jenny, and in thanks for the rescue of Lily and for her three rescuers. With all of the issues we see about police, this reminds us that most of the men and women who serve as police officers serve their communities with care and distinction.


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