Video: Inhofe throws snowball in Senate to demonstrate impact of climate change

Which is to say, there hasn’t been any. Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) recently took the gavel in the Environment and Public Works Committee from Barbara Boxer, and Inhofe has relished playing the role of climate-change skeptic even more than he did as ranking member. Today, Inhofe rebuked Barack Obama for his recent comments about climate change representing a greater threat than terrorism to most Americans by scooping up the new snowfall today in Washington DC and bringing it into the well of the Senate. He later tossed the snowball to freshman Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), who presided over the Senate floor at this point, but Inhofe was really throwing a fastball at the White House:

Inhofe listed many news stories and studies over recent decades that he said used alarmism to scare the American people about extreme weather.

“This is something that has been happening over a long period of time,” he said. “And every time it does, everyone tries to say that the world’s coming to an end and somehow man is important and so powerful that he can change that.”

Inhofe also chided Obama for his recent remarks that climate change is a greater threat to most Americans than terrorism.

He listed various terrorist attacks of recent decades to demonstrate the atrocity of the United States’ enemies, both terrorists and nations like Russia and North Korea.

“It’s just another illustration that the president and his administration are detached from the realities that we are facing today and into the future,” he said. “His repeated failure to understand the real threat to our national security and his inability to establish a coherent national security strategy has put this nation at a level of risk that has been unknown for decades.”

For those who aren’t on the East Coast at the moment, it’s been pretty darned chilly — and I say this as someone who got on the plane yesterday in Minneapolis when it was 9° outside. When we flew over the Potomac in our approach to Reagan National, it was almost entirely frozen over, a sight I captured with my cell phone camera from the window:


A rumored boat expedition supposedly had to be canceled this CPAC because National Harbor was forced to shut down for the first time in February in the past 17 years. Inhofe’s correct that it’s unseasonably cold, and the snow that fell today testified to that fact.

Global-warming believers will of course scoff and say that cold weather doesn’t undermine the case for climate change, but 17 years of stable temperatures usually has them grasping at any warm weather as confirmation. Inhofe’s enjoying poking back, but in this case he has a larger end goal than just refuting global warming.