Planned Parenthood teen sex education: You could get tied to a tree ...

Offering this kind of instruction once could get chalked up to an off-the-reservation employee. Three times and counting of having sex-education counselors delve deeply into instruction on sadomasochism complete with the explanation of the “safe word” is a pattern. Had this been a 25-year-old woman who specifically asked about whips-and-chains protocols, one could understand what follows. In this latest undercover video from Live Action’s Planned Parenthood Exposed series, the young girl identifies herself as 15 years old, and asks about “role playing,” after which comes a deluge of information — and yet another recommendation to watch pornography to extend her education:

I discussed this with Live Action’s Lila Rose on Thursday after their second video release, and pointed out the way that the sex education debate has shifted in a generation. I support sex education in schools when it’s an integrated part of health and biology education, and when it’s age appropriate, but for a long time the idea of sex education in schools was controversial. Many parents objected that sex education would end up promoting sexual activity, and especially sexual activity that could be harmful to children and teens. At that time, those concerns were dismissed as benighted and superstitious nonsense, and that no serious person could object to government-provided sex education.

And now, here we are. Planned Parenthood gets millions of dollars for sex education and other programs from the federal government, and the education they provide is exactly what those parents predicted. No 15-year-old needs instruction on how to let herself get handcuffed or tied to trees by her boyfriend as part of rational education about health and sex. If a 15-year-old even hinted that her boyfriend was pressing her to try these kinds of activities, that calls for an intervention, not a how-to for submission. The advice to watch pornos for further sex education threatens to distort the teen’s sexuality for a lifetime, from a healthy expression of love and pleasure in the context of marriage to decades of being someone else’s rag doll for exploitation.

This isn’t education. It’s indoctrination, and the cultivation of Planned Parenthood clients for the next 20 years. Planned Parenthood can continue to offer sex education, but it shouldn’t get tax dollars to do so.

Addendum: Former PP manager turned pro-life activist Abby Johnson reminds us that the organization makes plenty of profit off of its core business anyway — $313 per baby aborted.