Planned Parenthood sex education for teens: 50 Shades of Grey, sex shops, scatology

Live Action has released the second undercover video in its new series, Planned Parenthood Exposed, which so far has focused on its sex education to teens — efforts that earn them millions in federal funding. Last month, teen sex education included instruction on sadomasochistic practices, which initially prompted Planned Parenthood to announce that the “educator” had been terminated, a claim that turned out to be false. Education has improved since that last tape, as we see below from the Colorado office of Planned Parenthood. It’s been expanded to discussions of golden showers, scatology, and encouraging underage teens to browse at sex shops, which is illegal:

Again, remember that the student in this educational setting is supposed to be 15 years old. The counselor encourages the teen to pursue pornography and hide it from her parents. Some of this wouldn’t be very good advice even for an adult, but for a teen it’s entirely inappropriate. Sex education at that stage should consist of the basics, encouraging safety rather than deviant and dangerous activities for thrills.

One piece of advice that really should offend across the spectrum is the suggestion that the teen should read 50 Shades of Grey as a textbook on how to explore sexuality. The book features a series of submissive fantasies involving the main female character, a motif that drew some considerable criticism on publication for its message to adults. Should taxpayers fund education that encourages young girls to learn submission to pain-inducing practices as a normal part of sexual expression?

Life Site News notes that this isn’t just a single misstep:

LiveAction says a number of extremely questionable and disturbing marketing practices and counsel from Planned Parenthood are seen on its web site.

Examples include the “resource” website Go Ask Alice! (describing, among other things, how sexual partners can beat each other) and the sponsorship of a seminar for educators called “50 Shades of Safe” (seeking to explain “how a BDSM relationship is successfully navigated between sexual partners”).

“The Planned Parenthood-approved advice of ‘do whatever you want, but just use a safe word’ glorifies kids acting out rape scenarios,” Rose said.  “It’s extremely dangerous counseling: they’re undermining and invalidating the crucially important rule of no means no.”

Live Action is calling on Colorado residents to contact their local officials, including school administrators.  “Parents need to get on the phone right now,” Rose said, “and ask their principals and superintendents, ‘Do you have a relationship with Planned Parenthood?  Are you okay with this sort of behavior being pushed on my children?’  This won’t stop until people take action locally for their kids.”

It’s bad advice for adults, and worse for teens. And your tax dollars are funding it.