Tuesday TEMS: Andrew Malcolm, Will Cain, King Banaian

Today on The Ed Morrissey Show (4 pm ET), we have another great lineup for the news of the day!

  • Andrew Malcolm joins us for Tuesdays with Andrew! The Prince of Twitter and I will discuss all of the hot political stories of the day. In fact, since Andrew has been gone so long, we’ll do two segments together today.
  • Will Cain joins us for the first time to discuss his new project at The Blaze, “Alise vs The Mayor.” Conservatives don’t often tell good stories, so Will hopes to tell a great story — and in the process, explain Hayek, Burke, and the free market.
  • King Banaian returns to TEMS to explain the controversy over Thomas Piketty’s book Capital in the 21st Century. Did Piketty’s argument on increasing inequality get disproven by the corrections made to his data? King explains the latest on this economic kerfuffle.

Here’s a taste of Will’s project:

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