CNN wonders: Did Israel strike Gaza because they celebrated the reconciliation agreement?

Well, only if one counts rockets fired into Israel as “celebration.” The IDF struck targets in Gaza this week as Hamas continued firing rockets at civilian targets in Israel, which happened to coincide with the announcement of the Palestinian reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah. CNN’s Jim Clancy spends four minutes discussing the agreement with PLO official Hanan Ashrawi without once mentioning the years-long rocket attacks from Gaza by Hamas, or even whether the PLO will push Hamas to stop the attacks now that it’s back in the Palestinian Authority government.

However, as soon as former ambassador Dore Gold appears on the show, Clancy suddenly wants to know why Israel attacked Gaza and ended up creating civilian casualties on the ground, starting off by accusing Israel of attacking civilians deliberately because they were celebrating the agreement:

Amazingly, Clancy goes back to Ashrawi — and still doesn’t ask about Hamas rocket attacks. At the end, Clancy reiterates the idea that the Israeli strikes were aimed at celebrations of the deal rather than the rocket attacks, even though CNN has reported on two prior rocket-attack campaigns over the last six weeks — and did so in a particularly craven manner, after having already dismissed Gold.

Israel’s policies in the West Bank and Gaza are certainly not above scrutiny or criticism. However, one would expect a news organization to approach this fairly and hold all sides to the same scrutiny or at least to acknowledge the attacks from both sides. Clancy’s performance here is simply jaw-droppingly awful.