Video: AFP launches ObamaCare attacks on four vulnerable Senate Dems

Despite the unexpectedly gloomy news coming from the South in the NY Times/Kaiser poll earlier today — or perhaps because it’s difficult to consider credible — the latest push from Americans for Prosperity on ObamaCare mainly targets non-Southern races for the US Senate. New TV spots will go up in Michigan, Colorado, New Hampshire, and also in Louisiana. The latter spot features a Marine who returned from two tours in Iraq, only to find that he couldn’t keep the plan even though he liked it:


The Hill reports that the other ads are tailored for their specific markets:

AFP’s ad in New Hampshire declares that it will be difficult to enjoy the “scenic drives” in the state while driving long distances to see the doctor, which the ad charges is likely under ObamaCare.

And in Michigan, a narrator declares that “Gary Peters said yes to ObamaCare — he’d do it to us again,” noting an estimated 225,000 Michigan residents that could lose their health care under the new law.

AFP has been spending heavily on attack ads in competitive House and Senate races this cycle, investing more than $30 million since August alone to make the law a central focus in competitive races nationwide.

But they lead with … the Koch brothers!!

Americans for Prosperity, the national conservative group backed by the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, is launching new ads attacking Democrats in Senate races in Louisiana, New Hampshire, Colorado and Michigan.

Erika will have something up shortly on Tom Steyer for balance. In the meantime, one House Democrat from Arizona wants the state to extend ObamaCare enrollment indefinitely:


Arizona Democratic Rep. Krysten Sinema still wants the Obama administration to push back the deadline for exchange enrollment even further.

Sinema sent a letter to Obamacare administrator Marilyn Tavenner, head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, to argue for another delay several days after federally-run Obamacare exchanges had closed. She did not mention an end-date for her proposed deadline delay.

“As we approach the end of the extended enrollment period, I ask that you allow for additional flexibility for individuals who continue to face technical challenges enrolling and purchasing health insurance coverage,” Sinema wrote. The letter is dated April 18, three days after the enrollment period closed.

“I continue to hear from constituents who face technical challenges enrolling through the website or in receiving confirmation from insurers that they have successfully purchased coverage. These individuals should not be punished, either through a tax penalty or a lack of coverage, because of ongoing technical or process challenges associated with the Affordable Care Act.”

Sinema’s been trying to run away from ObamaCare ever since its disastrous rollout anyway, voting with Republicans to codify delays into law.  Her district, AZ-09, is narrowly Republican (R+1 in the Cook report), and so it’s hardly surprising that she wants to distance herself from the “Mission Accomplished” spin from the White House this month. Obama narrowly won this district in 2012, but Sinema underperformed Obama in the race, and must be feeling no small amount of heat in suburban Maricopa County.  That’s likely to be a universal experience in the midterms for Democrats.


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