CPAC: Daniel Hannan and the origins of liberty

Yesterday, I had my second opportunity to interview Daniel Hannan, the Member of European Parliament representing the UK, at CPAC. I actually had an interview with Hannan at CPAC a couple of years ago, but a battery failure left the video silent and unusable. This time, the Townhall booth offered better technology, and Hannan gave us an insightful look at the “delicate nature” of liberty as we know it — a definition provided by the Anglosphere, as Hannan argued in Inventing Freedom: How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World last November:

The example of Ukraine is just the latest exposure of a fiction that the world has left behind totalitarianism and aggressive and imperialistic oligarchies. The US may argue that Russia is acting in a 19th-century manner, but the truth is that the ideas of personal liberty and private property has not spread as far as we’d like. The United Nations and other multinational forums are not promoting these ideals, and Hannan argues they never will nor never be able to do so even if so inclined. But the Anglosphere does — and Hannan says that most people forget to include India in that calculation. He is “broadly optimistic” that India will move in the direction of the Anglosphere, which would create a huge counterweight to imperial powers such as Russia and China.

Be sure to watch it all.