Video: New Yorkers not impressed with atheist billboard ... at all

Yes, I know that this sounds like it’s designed to generate outrageous outrage, but the best thing about this video is the lack of any such reaction in MRCTV’s vox populi.  No Big Apple denizen demanded that someone get suspended or fired for the provocative billboard messages bought by an atheist group that proposed taking the Christ out of Christmas (which would just leave Mas, right?). Most of them just scoffed, and even a passing Catholic priest shrugged it off, noting that most Christians are “confident in their faith” enough to ignore it. By the end, Dan Joseph is laughing it off with another passer-by and attempting to craft an atheist Mas carol, with not too much success.

So consider this an antidote to the hair-pulling over Phil Robertson’s endorsement of basic Christian scripture, I guess:

Elizabeth Scalia is proud of her fellow New Yorkers:

I love New York and this video nicely showcases why I do: atheists want to spend money on big electronic billboards urging the elimination of Christ from Christmas? New Yorkers say, essentially, “Oh yeah? How not interesting.”

They move on, more amused than perturbed. My peeps.

Indeed. Merry Christmas, New York, or Happy Mas if that floats your boat, too.

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