Videos: The greatness of America

Let me join Jazz in wishing  everyone a Happy Independence Day!  I’ll be spending the day with family, friends, and watching the local 4th of July parade that passes close to my house.  Most of you will probably be doing the same today.  To start the celebration off right, though, here are a few videos that talk about the American ideal.  First, Rep. Darrell Issa’s office sent this video out last night, extolling the greatness of America:

Next, my good friend and American-by-choice Steven Crowder and Liberty Alliance offer up one of his best videos ever, rebutting the notion that there is no American culture:

Finally, Reason TV brings back Remy for a new Independence Day rap — “Up In My Grill” — to argue against the nanny state on the day we celebrate our rejection of tyranny:

Keep the fireworks going, America!