IRS Commissioner: Yeah, we staged that Lerner apology

As the New York Times’ Jonathan Weisman said 90 minutes into the hearing, this was one of the few really interesting revelations at today’s grilling of IRS Commissioner Steve Miller.  Remember the impromptu, extemporaneous apology given by Lois Lerner a week ago at a law conference for the targeting of conservative groups, an apology that at the same time tried to minimize the scope of the violations?  Yeah, that was no accident:


Rep Nunes asked, “Was her question to Ms. Lerner about targeting certain groups planned in advance?”

Miller replied, “I believe we talked about that, yes.”

In other words, the IRS knew full well what the IG report would say about targeting conservative groups looking for tax-exempt status, and wanted to shape the media battlefield ahead of time.  Just how did they know that?  The IG could have shared that data with them, perhaps to check for accuracy; that could be part of the process.  However, even if leadership only learned of these issues during some kind of check, Lerner’s apology was incredibly dishonest considering the scope of the findings in the IG report, and now we have confirmation that it was planned in advance — and set up to look extemporaneous, to boot.

What does that say about IRS leadership’s honesty and credibility?

That’s not to say that there weren’t lighter moments.  Miller’s big concern?  Customer service (via Twitchy and the Washington Examiner):

Er …


Also, Miller is very concerned about the use of the term “targeting” (via NRO’s Eliana Johnson):

Acting IRS commissioner Steven Miller took issue with the use of the word “targeting” as it relates to the IRS’s singling out of Tea Party and other conservative groups, calling it a “loaded term.”

In an exchange with Republican representative Kevin Brady, Miller said, “I’m going to take exception to the concept of targeting, because it’s a loaded term,” and one that “describes something that didn’t exist here.”

All evidence to the contrary.

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John Sexton 8:40 PM on September 21, 2023