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Well, if you live long enough, you get to see everything, and not just once but twice, apparently.  Froner Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who has long been a gadfly to administrations of both parties, ripped the Obama White House over both the Benghazi and IRS scandals over the weekend in no uncertain terms.  When asked by Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace whether Kucinich thought the talking points had been massaged for political reasons, Kucinich could hardly contain his contempt (via Daniel Halper and Andrew Kaczynski):

“This is one liberal Democrat who said the intervention was wrong,” Kucinich began, blasting the Obama administration for helping to take out Qaddafi. “And what the attack on the consulate brings up, Chris, is the failure of the Benghazi policy from the beginning. And that’s why they had to call it a street demonstration instead of an attack because on the eve of an election that brought in a whole new narrative about foreign policy, about dealing with terrorism, and about the consequences that led to four deaths of people who served the United States.”

Fox host Chris Wallace asked, “So do you think those talking points were politically scrubbed?”

“Of course they were,” said Kucinich. “Come on, are you kidding? This is one of those things that you have to realize were in the circumference of an election, and when you get on the eve of an election, everything becomes political. Unfortunately, Americans died and people who believe in America who put their lives on the line, they weren’t provided with protection. they weren’t provided with a response. They and their families had a right to make sure they were defended. Look, we went into Benghazi under the assumption that somehow there was going to be a massacre in Benghazi. So we went there to protect the Libyan people. We couldn’t go in to protect our own Americans who were serving there? I’m offended by this, and there has to be real answers to the questions being raised.”

This gets to exactly what I’ve been saying since the “spontaneous demonstration” talking points finally fell apart. That was a cover story to protect the reputation of Obama on his Arab Spring policy, most specifically to the decision to support the coup d’etat against Moammar Qaddafi without Congressional approval.  It’s turned out to be a disaster, but just before the Benghazi attack at the Democratic National Convention, Obama and John Kerry doubled down on it, making the supposed success in Libya an argument for Obama’s superior acumen on foreign policy — along with the claim that Obama had “al-Qaeda on the run.” As Benghazi and later Mali proved, Obama gave AQ and its allies all of eastern Libya as a free zone, thanks to that 30,000-foot intervention.

As if my head wasn’t already spinning by being more in agreement with Dennis Kucinich than I thought possible, along comes this segment, via Mediaite and Weasel Zippers:

Former Democratic Congressman and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich slammed the unethical targeting of conservative Tea Party groups by the IRS on Fox News Sunday’s panel, unequivocally suggesting that this was political targeting at its worst.

After dropping the disclaimer that he is a “liberal Democrat” and does not celebrate Tea Party politics, Kucinich firmly claimed politics has no place with the IRS:

“We can not have a condition in America where peoples politics are the basis for IRS attacks.” …

Wallace countered, asking if Kucinich thought the IRS’s missteps were straight up political targeting:

“How can it not be?” Kucinich concluded.

Perhaps we’re in agreement on these two issues because there isn’t much room for disagreement on either of them.