Video: Mattera and Redford go Sundancing over The Company You Keep

You have to feel a little sorry for Robert Redford, don’t you?  He just released a feature film asking audiences to reconsider their harsh feelings about the Weather Underground, which set off bombs, killed police officers, and robbed banks for more than a decade of domestic terrorism, but who were just misunderstood people acting on their deeply-held beliefs about justice. Unfortunately for Redford, a couple of misunderstood kids did the same thing at the Boston Marathon ten days after the film opened.  So far, Redford’s paean to leftist terrorists and murders has grossed only $3.5 million since its limited April 5th opening, and in the last two weeks, its wide distribution has only made  $1.9 million:

  • Week 4, 807 screens: $1429 per screen (drop of 69.8%)
  • Week 5, 541 screens: $1436 per screen

Sadly, it looks like Redford’s terrorista chic came out at the worst possible time, as noted by the loss of 266 screens from the first week of wide release to the second.  People were reminded that bombers and terrorists aren’t heroes, anti-heroes, or at all sympathetic — except in Redford’s circles.

Speaking of sympathy, though, it’s difficult not to feel a little sympathy … especially when Talk Radio Network’s Jason Mattera wants to have a chat with him.  Rather than defend the indefensible, the Sundance Kid dances out the door, leaving Jason in the hands of the entourage: 

Hey, didn’t Redford make The Company You Keep to start a “conversation”? Looks like Redford isn’t interested in conversing these days.

Update: Ace notes that Jason asked Redford if any of the film’s proceeds would go to the Weather Underground’s victims.  With that kind of BO at the box office, there aren’t going to be any proceeds.

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Ed Morrissey 10:01 AM on December 06, 2022