Reason's rebuttal to Jim Carrey: It Takes a Talking Ass

I didn’t get terribly agitated when Jim Carrey decided to spend several days insulting 60 million or more gun owners in the US by suggesting that they suffered from impotence, soullessness, and perhaps even the heartbreak of psoriasis. It’s been my experience that many celebrities have very little to say that’s worthy of attention about anything but their own products, and Carrey’s anti-vaccination campaign cemented that impression about him in particular.  I’d rather listen to Tom Cruise sharing his deep insights into psychiatry, mostly for the entertainment value.

That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the response from Reason and Remy, however.  In the grand tradition of the response song (think Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” after Neil Young’s “Southern Man”), Remy responds to Carrey’s “Cold Dead Hand” with “It Takes a Talking Ass,” which reviews Jim Carrey’s career as an intellectual — which even with some redundancy doesn’t stretch past two minutes. Please observe a mild NSFW warning, even with a most unlibertarian bleep over the most offending word: