Video: Katie Pavlich, CPAC Blogger of the Year

While I miss being at CPAC for the first absence in eight years, my job over here in Rome has been so overwhelming that I haven’t had time to feel pangs of regret — at least, not until now.  I really wish I could have been on hand to see this, and to congratulate Katie in person:

As a former recipient of this award, I couldn’t agree more with this year’s choice.  That’s not just Hot Air/Townhall pride speaking, although that’s certainly present.  It’s not just because Katie is a good friend, although she is a great friend and ally.  It’s because Katie went farther and harder on an important story — Operation Fast and Furious — than anyone else in the media.  Hundreds of people are dead and drug cartels armed to the teeth through a program run by the American government, and for some reason most of the media (with a few notable exceptions, like Sharyl Attkisson at CBS) couldn’t be bothered to look into it.  Katie has been fearless and unstoppable in exposing the program and the motivations behind it.

I’m honored to be in her company, honored to be her colleague, and blessed to be her friend.  Congratulations, Katie!