Video: Romney draws massive crowd to remote Colorado location

I’m not sure that there is anything that is directly noteworthy about a massive crowd for a major-party candidate at the end of the presidential cycle.  Both candidates will have at least 60 million people voting for them in this election, which means there are going to be lots of people who will show up for these kinds of events.  But will they climb hills and mountains and trek out to the middle of nowhere to do it?  The Denver Post put together this visually stunning video of Mitt Romney’s event at Red Rocks, which also shows the difficulties that attendees had in getting to the rally at all:

The rally itself didn’t disappoint, either.  Romney spoke to the 10,000 people who managed to climb into the venue and squeeze in among the rocks, telling them that Barack Obama’s time had passed — and so have his “status quo” ideas of governance:

A confident Mitt Romney, two weeks out from Election Day, spoke about his campaign as a movement sweeping the nation during a moonlit rally at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Tuesday night.

Repeatedly, Romney referred to President Barack Obama as a president whose time has passed — out of ideas to improve the economy and out of touch with the needs of business owners. Romney said his own plans would restore American prosperity and prestige.

“The president’s status-quo campaign … is why he’s slipping, and it’s why we’re gaining,” said Romney, who was joined at the rally by running mate Paul Ryan. “It’s why this movement is growing across the country.”

Romney and Ryan weren’t shy about discussing the debates, either.  Romney told the crowd that they “supercharged” the campaign, an undeniable fact, especially in Colorado, which has suddenly lurched toward Romney in the polls.  It’s also undeniable in the fact that Romney could get this many people out to what looks like a fairly rugged venue for a big rally — and on a weeknight, too.

But even if that doesn’t impress you, be sure to watch the video for some gorgeous visuals of the crowd at twilight and in the evening.  That’s worth two minutes of your time.

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