Videos: Obama 0-4 for 2008 townhall-debate promises

With this year’s townhall debate ready to go, BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski took a trip on the Wayback Machine to the townhall-forum debate from four years ago, when an ascendant Barack Obama offered his prescription for the next four years.  How well has Obama done in achieving the agenda he promised voters at that event?  Let’s just say that if this were a college course, Obama would be far from a “good, solid B-plus.”

What did 2008 Obama promise to do with budgets?  “I’m cutting more than I’m spending.”

Also, remember the promise to “go through the budget line by line, eliminate programs that don’t work”?  I guess we can chalk that up as a zero, too:

We already know how his pledge to use tens of billions of dollars to create “5 million new jobs” in the green-energy sector turned out:

The last point is arguable, at least in part.  Obama pledged to reform Medicare and Social Security in his first term. He never even bothered to propose a Social Security reform plan, but Obama could argue that ObamaCare was his version of Medicare reform — even though it didn’t do anything but add even more unfunded entitlement liabilities to that fiscal freight train heading toward us over the next two to three decades:

I guess if we want to be fair, we should give Obama half credit on that one.  What’s his score?  Out of four promises, Obama gets a 0.5 — for a score of 12.5%, which is a good, solid F-minus, even on the curve.

That’s not to say that Obama’s done nothing as President.  He’s made lots of ch-ch-ch-changes, as Steven Crowder and Chris Loesch point out in their new video:

If they do “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” next, I’m going on vacation.

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