Obamateurism of the Day

This week, the Congressional Budget Office issued a very dire warning about the economic disaster that will result from the so-called “fiscal cliff” or “Taxmageddon” at the end of this year.  According to the CBO, the damage from the policies in place now would cost 2 million jobs and create a “significant recession.”  One might think that this would interest the man currently holding the top job in the federal government and running for a second term. However, as Jake Tapper pointed out in a White House press briefing yesterday, Obama seemed to talk about everything but the fiscal cliff and the tanking economy this week:

ABC’s Jake Tapper: “The Congressional Budget Office report is a pretty dire warning about what this nation faces, yet I didn’t hear the president mention it yesterday, is there a reason why?”

White House Spokesman Jay Carney: “Well I think I put out a statement which is the White House’s view and the president’s view. The president talks every day that he’s out there, as he was yesterday, about what we need to do to help build our economy, help it to continue to grow, help it to continue to create jobs and yesterday, and the day before, he was focusing on the need to continue investments in education because he firmly believes that education is a matter of our economy, it’s an economic issue.”

Tapper: That’s not what the Congressional Budget Office was addressing, they were talking about … The president talked about education, he talked about Todd Aiken, he talked about Michael Jordan, he talked about a lot of—“

Carney: “He talks, you know, all the time about what we need to do to specifically to help the economy grow and create jobs. And his belief that we need to take a balanced approach to address the kinds of fiscal challenges that are necessary.”

Just call this the Seamus The Roof-Riding Dog That Didn’t Bark.

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