New Romney ad attacks Obama on welfare

Team Romney launched another offensive over Barack Obama’s waiver on welfare work requirements, pushing out a new 30-second spot titled “Long History.”  The ad shows Obama speaking in 1998, long after the passage of the Clinton-GOP agreement on welfare reform, pronouncing himself “not a huge fan” of the reform.

CNN reports that Team Romney will make a serious buy targeting specific markets in swing states for the ad:

But according to data provided to their clients by Kantar Media/Campaign Media Analysis Group, which tracks political ad spending on broadcast and national cable TV, the new spot began running Monday morning in television markets in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio; Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, West Palm Beach and Fort Myers, Florida; Manchester, New Hampshire; Raleigh, North Carolina; Richmond, Virginia; and Washington, D.C. (which covers much of northern Virginia).

There may be a little bit of crossover impact for this ad, too.  Team Obama will ramp up their attacks on the GOP ticket by claiming that Ryan’s entitlement reforms will cost seniors their Medicare benefits, which got the Lie of the Year from Politifact in 2011.  The more that Obama and his allies attack on entitlements, though, the better contrast Romney will get over Obama’s waiver of work requirements — even if fact-checkers don’t like Romney’s claims any better than Democrat attacks on Ryan’s budget.

If Obama wants to have a fight over entitlement reform and his only entry in that arena has been to weaken the work requirements from the bipartisan welfare reform of the 1990s, he’ll have a tough time winning that debate.