Piers Morgan: Romney was right about his Olympics criticism

Were Mitt Romney’s comments about Olympic security impolitic?  I think we can agree on that, as did our own Mary Katharine Ham and Charles Krauthammer did last night on Fox News.  When a political candidate goes abroad, it’s usually to demonstrate that he can bolster relationships with key allies, not start kerfuffles.  (The President we have is already awfully good in the latter department.)  This trip wasn’t a time for Romney to put on his Olympics-consultant hat and offer constructive criticism over security arrangements; it was a moment for him to say “Hooray for our allies!” and “Go, USA!”

But was Romney wrong about Olympic security?  Not according to CNN’s Piers Morgan, who wonders why Brits are annoyed at Romney for telling the truth — and saying what everyone else is about the problem:


“It’s no secret over here that for the last three weeks the security around the Olympics has been a shambles,” said Morgan. “The outside firm they got in to run it has been all over the place – they didn’t have enough people and the army had to be drafted in. So, Mitt Romney was only saying exactly what has been happening.”

“He’s run an Olympics, so I thought he was perfectly entitled to be critical,” Morgan continued. He said that the English press jumped on him because they wanted Romney to “talk us up a bit,” but the substance of Romney’s critique was on point.

“I thought it was a bit of a fuss about nothing,” said Morgan. “He was just speaking the truth which can sometimes be rather unpalatable.”

No one will remember this in November, but it did start Romney’s foreign tour off on the wrong foot.