Great news: Famously humble hostess to headline another Obama bash

Remember, now, that this is the campaign and the candidate that wants to paint Mitt Romney as out of touch with the common man.  Recall this rather condescending call to the hoi polloi to begin vying for a fabulous night with the Upper Crust from Vogue editor Anna Wintour?

The Romney campaign gleefully responded with their own take on Obama’s campaign economics, compared to the economic performance of his administration:

Juan Williams called the ad a big mistake, practically a parody in and of itself:

By the way, that was hilarious. That looks like a parody. It looked like the Romney campaign planted Dr. Evil in the house of Obama and he said, ‘you know on the day the grim job numbers come out let’s have someone who reeks of ornamental excess announce that the peasants can have a place at the table.’ It’s just unbelievable. I mean, so you know, just a mistake.

Did they learn from that mistake?  Apparently not (via Politico):

Harvey Weinstein and Anna Wintour are teaming again to throw a fund-raiser for President Obama. The shindig will take place Aug. 6, in Greenwich, Conn., we hear. The movie mogul and the Vogue editor will co-host, sources said, while other co-chairs remain to be announced. The pair previously hosted an Obama dinner last year at Weinstein and Georgina Chapman’s West Village townhouse. Tickets will go for $35,800 per head.

Why allow Romney to take another swipe at Wintour?  According to the Wall Street Journal, the burn rate for the Obama campaign has alarm bells going off among Democrats:

The president spent twice as much as Mr. Romney in June, as his campaign purchased more TV ads, paid more than twice as many employees and spent millions of dollars on public-opinion polls, federal records show.

June was the second month in a row that Mr. Obama’s campaign dipped into the red, while the president was outraised by the Romney campaign. In May and June combined, the Obama campaign spent 20% more than it took in, records show.

Mr. Romney and his party have now socked away more money than Mr. Obama and the Democratic National Committee. Mr. Romney banked $170 million as of June 30, compared with $147 million for the president.

Mr. Romney also stands to benefit from spending by independent super PACs, which are free to collect contributions of unlimited size. These outside groups are expected to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for TV ads attacking Mr. Obama.

“The burn rate—the investment in infrastructure and polling—is great if you’ve got the resources to follow through,” said Douglas Schoen, who was a pollster for former President Bill Clinton. “It’s unclear to me whether the president has the resources.”

Team Obama spent like crazy in an attempt to score an early knockout, perhaps worried that later economic data would hit them hard unless Romney had been so thoroughly demonized that the Republican was no longer a viable option for voters.  That effort backfired on the campaign; they ran through a lot of cash and outspent their income, only to find that their relative position to Romney hadn’t changed at all.  That really shouldn’t surprise anyone, since people won’t pay close attention to the race until the end of next month.

And what will Team Obama do if they can’t replenish their resources at the same rate Romney has raised funds?  The WSJ paints a very bleak picture:

But some Democrats worry that the overhead built by the Obama camp over the past 15 months will prove impossible to sustain. Unless fundraising picks up, the Obama campaign may enter the season’s final stretch confronting hard choices: paring salaries, scaling back advertising or pulling out of swing states in a bid to control costs, these Democrats say.

Faced with those options, “Nuclear” Wintour looks positively appealing.