WH chief of staff: ObamaCare not a tax even if our own lawyers said it was, or something

Via Gateway Pundit, here’s a moment that will live in the Cross-Examination Hall of Fame.  Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace interviewed the current White House chief of staff, Jacob Lew, who served as OMB chief briefly before taking over for William Daley in the West Wing, about the Supreme Court’s ruling that ObamaCare can only stand constitutional muster as a tax.  Wallace strings Lew along beautifully for almost three minutes, allowing Lew to argue multiple times that ObamaCare isn’t a tax, wasn’t passed as a tax, and was never intended to be a tax, before playing a recording of the Obama administration’s Solicitor General arguing to the Supreme Court that, by golly, ObamaCare can and should be considered a tax:


The money moment comes at the very end of the clip, but don’t skip ahead to it, or you’ll miss the masterful way Wallace brings Lew to the point of no return.  For his part, Lew does as well as he could under the circumstances in responding to Donald Verrilli’s argument, but the eventual response hardly helpful.  Lew basically tells Wallace that, hey, lawyers make lots of arguments in court, but that doesn’t make them true! Funny, we were just thinking the same thing about arguments made by chiefs of staff on television on behalf of an administration that’s desperate to spin their way out of a very bad spot.