Obamateurism of the Day

I had to laugh when I saw the clip of Barack Obama get booed by a crowd at a campaign stop in Boston after teasing them about a trade between the Red Sox and the White Sox involving third baseman Kevin Youkilis. We got a lot of e-mails over this, including several nominations for this clip to be added to the OOTD list, but I didn’t think it merited inclusion — as it’s clearly an intentional and good-natured needling of the crowd:

That is, I didn’t consider it an OOTD until I saw the reaction at the White House.  Clearly, the President didn’t check in with his staff, as Jay Carney spent the next day trying to convince everyone that Obama didn’t get booed — the crowd was saying Yoooooook!  As Allahpundit noted on Tuesday, that’s a rather difficult argument to make, since Obama acknowledges the boos in this clip as they rain down on him, and enjoys the moment.

Didn’t Obama bother to explain that to his staff in order to prepare them for the inevitable questions that would arise the next day? Now the White House press corps has another data point for the utter destruction of Jay Carney’s credibility with them, all over a dumb joke that Obama probably should have skipped in the first place.

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