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Remember that scene in the Rose Garden earlier this month, when The Daily Caller’s Neil Munro interrupted Barack Obama to ask a question about his new immigration policy?  Obama upbraided Munro for his lack of manners, provided a non-responsive answer, finished his statement … and stomped off in a huff without taking questions from the press. Given that, can Obama really set himself up as the arbiter of press transparency?  Yes, he can!

President Barack Obama’s campaign issued an attack video Friday ripping Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for evading the media’s immigration-related questions.

The video was released even though immigration activists are still seeking answers about the president’s June 15 proclamation in the White House’s Rose Garden, where the president pointedly declined to answer The Daily Caller’s questions about how the policy impacts American workers.

“On Friday, the president announced a change to U.S. immigration policy. Ever since, Mitt Romney has been dodging questions about repealing the order,” said the attack video, released by the “Obama Biden Truth Team.”

The video is titled “Mitt Romney on U.S. immigration policy; Why won’t he give a straight answer?”

The DC reminds everyone of the laughable hypocrisy:

Obama declined to take questions in the Rose Garden. Earlier that day, spokesman Jay Carney and Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano had also declined to answer questions.

Since then, the administration has said little about the policy, although Obama’s campaign has prominently posted an edited video of Obama’s Rose Garden speech on the Latino sections of the campaign website.

The administration’s silence was maintained even though GOP legislators said his policy violates the law, disadvantages immigrants waiting in the formal entry process, and also would boost unemployment.

On June 21, for example, Carney fended off questions at the daily White House press conference about Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s alternative immigration policy, but did not address the impact of Obama’s policy on unemployed Americans.

The. Most. Transparent. Administration. Evah.

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