Ramirez -- and others -- on the reboot that wasn't

So much reaction — so little bandwidth.  In earlier posts, we focused on reaction to Barack Obama’s reframing speech from Mitt Romney’s campaign and from the print media.  Let’s cast the net a bit wider and see what other reactions Obama’s booted reboot hath wrought.  First, IBD’s indispensable Michael Ramirez has a new editorial cartoon comparing Obama with the great Presidents of history — a pastime in which the White House often engages these days, too — and boils down Obama’s standing among his predecessors:

Two new video spots from Obama’s opposition attack the notion that the “reframing” speech reframed anything at all.  The RNC does this by cutting between yesterday’s speech in Ohio to a nearly-identical speech Obama gave in April and his State of the Union speech last January.  Obama basically cut-and-pasted his earlier efforts into this overhyped speech, which in fairness could be one definition of “reframing” (via Guy Benson):

American Crossroads has a briefer take on the same theme, but one with a little more bite to it.  Using a different theme from Peanuts than I did earlier today, the conservative group puts the familiar “wah wah wah” from the Charlie Brown television specials used when adults speak, as a way of arguing that no one’s listening to Obama’s repetitive droning any longer.  Viewers of The Ed Morrissey Show will recognize something else familiar — the background music:

Not to toot my own horn, but I was all over this meme almost a year ago.  In August 2011, after the US suffered the first credit rating downgrade in over 90 years, I put together some clips from Obama’s speech afterward to Caroline Af Ugglas’ “Nothing Left to Say”:

That’s the big takeaway from yesterday’s speech.  Obama has nothing left to say, and it’s more true today than it was last August.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on December 09, 2022